About Us

Briticom™ is a British-based manufacturer of copper cabling systems, fibre optic passive products, racks and enclosures deployed in datacomms, data centres, FTTx, telecom, broadcasting and smart home applications.

Our expertise started in 2004 with a small but experienced team which then saw its number and quality growing and reaching global leadership over the past years. With head offices in Northampton providing R&D, production, stock and worldwide logistics of Briticom™ fibre and copper cabling systems. Briticom™ engineers use the latest Computer-Aided Design software to turn simple ideas into high-quality products which make us one of the leading British, if not global, innovators in this exciting high-tech field of data and telecom cabling.

Briticom™ copper cabling system products are tested and certified by world-class third-party laboratories to provide peace of mind and ensure our customers are using the highest quality products possible.

To prove our reliability and performance, we delightedly provide a 25-year system and product warranty to every accredited Briticom™ partner.

View our product data sheets here.

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