Outdoor & Harsh Environment Solutions

Briticom™ provides a rich solution for outdoor and harsh environments to assist network designers and installers. Various options include rugged and IP Rated copper cabling, fibre optic cabling and racking systems. These provide strong protection within many industrial environments such as the mining, oil and gas industry as well as warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

Harsh and difficult environment applications extend from low temperatures, to water, dust and dirt immersion and also can reach very high temperatures – even explosion risk applications. All these difficult environmental installations have been seriously taken into consideration in every step of the technical design provided by our experienced engineers when making bespoke boxes, cabinets, assemblies and different types of enclosures.

From explosion proof, to IP68, to complex locking system for low temperatures reaching -40°C or high temperature reaching +75°C, we have solutions that will suit and satisfy many harsh and difficult installations.

Briticom™ Harsh Environment Solutions:

  • Outdoor wall (pole) mounted cabinets or floor cabinets IP rated with or without A/C system.
  • Outdoor IP rated rugged Assemblies Copper & Fibre Solutions.
  • Outdoor IP rated rugged MTP® Fibre Solutions.
  • Outdoor waterproof copper and fibre termination and PLC splitter boxes with suitable waterproof connectors and patch cords.
  • IP68 robust splice and splitter enclosures.

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