Cable Management

Briticom™ provides many cable management systems and tools for use in networks and data centre solutions.
Briticom catalogue

Cable Trailer


The Briticom™ Cable Trailer is used for efficient and reliable loading, transportation and unreeling of fibre optic or copper structured cables from drums.  All our cable trailers are road-going and suitable for use on site. They are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump operated lift and lower system as a standard, which, when fully raised, mechanically locks to ensure drum security in transit.

Hydraulic Puller

The Briticom™ Hydraulic Puller is fit to pull one rope used for laying underground power, copper and fibre optic structured cabling. Using one hydraulic circuit, the speed of laying cable can be varied continuously, in both directions.

Blown Fibre Machines & Accessories

Briticom™ Fiber Blowing machines for duct blowing, optic fiber blowing and cable blowing.

Cable Management Ducts and Trays

Cable Management Pipes and Tubes

Cable Management Tools and Accessories

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