Fibre Optic Cable

Indoor and Outdoor Fibre Optic Cable

Briticom™ is a supplier of a wide array of fibre optic cable. Available in many specifications, for both indoor and outdoor use. Our fibre optic cable provides links to protocols such as FTTH, FDDI, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and Fibre Channel. We offer a wide range of simplex patching cables including Plenum, Riser and LSZH in all diameters

At Briticom™ we strive to provide the best quality service. Because we are assessed by external bodies, our products are certified in accordance to International Standards; ensuring reliability.

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor fibre optic distribution, patching and consumer cables, including Plenum, Riser and LSZH in all diameters.

Briticom™ products are offered to you by Teltronix. Briticom™ is a British-based manufacturer of Copper Cabling Systems, Fibre Optic Products, Racks and Enclosures for deployment in Datacomms, Data Centres, FTTx & Telecom, Broadcasting and Smart Home Applications.

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