FTTx Solutions

Briticom™ FTTx solutions provide end-to-end first-class infrastructure for integrated structured cabling, broadband ISP links, AV and TV.

Buildings vary from one design to another, and these differences make it difficult for IT designers to prepare a common or consistent product that can accommodate TV, AV, data, voice, security and network systems. This is why our Briticom™ engineers are educated to the highest standards – to ensure all of our systems produced are of the highest quality and suitability.


Briticom™ FTTx solutions:

  • Engineered and designed to meet and exceed standards and expected applications for most types of buildings
  • Home automation cabling for smart homes.
  • IP rated fibre enclosures and boxes.
  • Compact engineered products where space is a crucial.
  • Home and building network distribution enclosures solutions for voice, AV and data.
  • Cabling for micro-duct installation, PLC splitters, street cabinets, backbone cables, armoured and non-armoured drop cables, pre-terminated cables, corridor compact boxes, riser cables and dry loose tube cables.
    • End-Termination ODFs.
    • Boxes/outlets for inside flat.
    • Cabling Systems for inside flat.
    • Riser cabling.


We are very aware of the significance of knowledge on design and requirements, therefore we focus on education, training and R&D to keep on the top of the newest technics and trends.

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