Approved Installer Program

Teltronix ensures that every company installing Briticom™ products has access to the right support – from elementary training, to the latest standards and knowledge of industry tendencies. Teltronix has trained hundreds of copper and fibre technicians and installers and has a high number of registered Approved Installers throughout the globe.

To gain Approved Installer Accreditation, Briticom™ installers are fully trained in installation practices. The Approved Installer Accreditation will increase the company’s reputation inside the structured cabling industry and assures the end user of a high standard of proficiency.

If you wish to become a Briticom™ Approved Installer, please send us your request and full details by contacting us using our contact form, or emailing

Approved Installer Copper Structured Cabling

Approved Installer Fibre Optic Structured Cabling

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